My pearled filet

Never thought it was fair that plain filets are so plain for us lowly folks. So I wanted to make a beaded filet that was Not so plain, but period looking and yet NON- Presumptuous and not claiming any rank.

While is has peaks, it does not have any "points" orbaronial markings, it's just a filet.

It's just over an inch tall. I made it with plastic pearls and 5 lengths of brass wire (that I twisted with my husband's cordless drill) I did it exactly like you do loom beadwork, only without a loom.

I held the wires with my hands and they are spaced by the pearls. At the outside edges I did an extra twist around the wire to move it to the side a bit to help with spacing. (see the detail picture at the end of this page). Peaks were attached by making a V of wire and looping it under the middle band wire then bringing it up and twisting it. The resultant arm on one wire from two nieghboring peaks was loaded with pearls and twisted together and turned into a tiny circle to keep it from catching on things.

All in all it took twelve hours, including my various try it and take it out again experiemtns. A new one from scratch, now that I have it all hammered out might take six or seven.

Copyright 2000 Jen Funk Segrest (Elspeth Grizel of Dunfort)