Sleeve, English, 1600-1625
Embroidered and appliquéd silk, with cording and glass beads Artist/designer Unknown Place England
Dimensions Length 56 cm Width 20 cm (at sleeve head) Width 9 cm (at cuff)
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Number 225-1893 

These pieces probably came from a man's cloak or woman's petticoat. Like much surviving costume, they have been re-used in several incarnations over the past 400 years. During the late 19th century, authentic 17th century pieces of clothing were adapted and altered for wear as fancy dress. It was at this time that this fabric was cut up for sleeves, a process which unfortunately obliterated most of the evidence of their original 17th-century incarnation. Their unique textiure has been created by couching cords covered in green silk to the ribbed ground, and applying tufts of floss silk and green glass beads.

Copyright 2000 Jen Funk Segrest (Elspeth Grizel of Dunfort)