Letters I get:

A Regular visitor to this site writes:

Beading that is not only washable, but can survive being run over by a car not once not twice, but THREE TIMES and dragged about 10ft as well! Yes you heard me right!

The beading techniques that I have learned from my laurel and also from reading Griz's webpage class notes has proved that the beading and couching techniques is indeed able to survive a beating and stay beaded!

Yesterday night a dear friend of mine had taken my large tote bag with my 2-year project of a celtic knot sea horse (done with petite seen beads and some pearls) out of the car (with out my knowledge) and had placed it at the side of the car. It was dark and he forgot that he had moved it.

We were all sitting around chatting and he said he had to move the car down to a different camp to unload their dinner to them (about 15 roasted chickens picked up at the local store) Mind you it was very dark (about 10PM) he backed out and we heard a thump thump.

My lord ran to see what or who had been run over and found a bagged camp chair the same color as his fencing gear bag. For a moment I thought the gear had been run over. But everthing was ok. So our friend moved forward and attempted to back out again....this time there was a crunch crunch. A box that I had in my tote, dark wood with Iron work on it was crushed.

So he pulled forward again and back again......this time we figured out what it was and pulled it out from under the car. My poor tote bag! LOL!

Surprisingly only the the box, my three ring binder with my portfolio in it and the wooden ring on my seahorse were the only things in the bag broken. I also had 6 small wooden salad size bowls that I use in my beading classes, my plastic containers of 15/0 seen beads and various other things were unharmed!

My poor friend was so sorry and I just laughed and jumped up and down yelling, ITS TRUE!!! ITS TRUE!!!

They all wondered what the heck I was so excited about. In my classes I teasinglysay, when showing my seahorse that a car or truck could run over this thing and the beads will not fall off or move or break and I was proven right! lolol

So Griz, THANK YOU! for showing me how to be a better beader and *looking towards heaven* you too Byron for being so (ahem) retentive
and showing me the correct way to bead!!

Just had to share it with you all!