Shire Album # 57 "Beadwork"
Pamela Claburn
Shire Publications Ltd, Cromwell House,Church Street, Princes Risbourough, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP17 9A, UK
ISBN: 0-85263-529-x
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The History of Beads (from 30,000BC to Present)
Lois Sherr Dubin
Harry Abhrams , Inc, Publisher
ISBN: 0-8109-0736-4
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Bead Embroidery
Joan Edwards
(1966, 1992), Lacis Press, 3163 Adeline St, Berkeley CA, 94703
ISBN: 0-91696-44-7
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20,000 Years of Fashion
Francois Boucher
Harry Abhrams , Inc, Publisher
ISBN 0-8109-1693-2
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Medieval Lovers - A Book of days
Wiedenfeld & Nicholson, publisher
ISBN 1-55584-299-2 
Die textilen Künste - Von der Spätantike bis um 1500
Leonie von Wilckens
München 1991. 

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Geschichte der deutschen Textilkunst - Vom späten Mittelalter bis in die Gegenwarte
Leonie von Wilckens
München 1997.
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Glasperlen und Perlenarbeiten in Alter und Neuer Zeit [Glass Beads and Beadwork in Ancient and Modern Times]. 
Pazaurek, Gustav Edmund
1911  Verlags-Anstalt Alexander Koch, Darmstadt.
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La Riqueza del Bordado Eclesiastico en Checoslovaquia
Zoroslava Drobna
(includes "El Nino Jesus De Praga" by Bohumir Lifka), 1949
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above book also was published in french and called: "Les Tresors De La Broderie Religieuse En Tschecoslovaquie"
Zoroslava Drobna (includes "
L'Enfant - Jesus de Prague" by Bohumir Lifka), 1950
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Guide to English Embroidery
Patricia Wardle
Victoria and Albert Museum, Her Majesty's Royal Staionary Office, Crown copyright 1970
ISBN 0 -11-290030-5
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40,000 Years of Fashion: Let There be Clothes
Lynn Schnurnberger
Workman Publishing, NYC, NY
ISBN 0-89480-833-8
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The Victoria and Albert's Textile Collection: Embroidery in Britain from 1200 to 1750
Donald King and Santina Levey
Canopy Books, 1993, A division of Abbeyville Press, Inc.
ISBN: 1-55859-652-6
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Stadt im Wandel: Kunst und Kultur des Bürgetums in Norddeutchland 1150-1650

Aussletellungkatalog / herausgegeben von
(edited by) Cord Meckeper.
Braunschweigischer Landesmuseum, 1985. ISBN: 392260837x
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Textilen Künste - weberei/stickerrei/spitze: - Geschichte/Technik/Stilentwickleung
Ernst Flemming
Verlag Für Kunstwissenschaft Berlin, 1910
(plate 153)
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Pictoral History of Embroidery
Marie Schuette, Sigrid Müller-Christensen
(Library of Congress # 64-13379) [Gestickte Bildteppiche des Mittelalters (in english: Medieval Bead Tapestry), Leipzig1930.] Frederick A. Praeger, Inc, Publisher, New York 1964, 64 University Place, New York 3, New York
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Das Stickereiwerk (also called die Stickereiwerk)
MarieSchuette; SigridMüller-Christensen
Tübingen: Verlag Ernst Wachsmuth, 1963.
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The Medieval Woman Calendars or Postcard books
Workman Publishing


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