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Machine Washable Embroidery

A play-by-play with up close shots and detailed instructions. Read this with the below Tutorials.

STEP BY STEP: Building a Design from the inside out. See Grizel make a medallion, and see how to build your design for less hassled stitching. Some handy tips too!

Some people like photos, some people like drawings.

For those who want a printer friendly version of the above three sections all in one file that they can keep by the workarea, here you go:

Beaded Edgings

This technique while pretty - and very similiar to some Burgundian necklaces in technique and style - they are not period. But, as they are popular and highly desired, I knew people would love to learn it because it is very very easy.

Want to do more netted beadwork? has thousands of beadworking patterns, and many are free, others are very inexpensive at just a few dollars each. Go visit there. Do a search for "Netted", "Net", "necklace" or "edge"... or the like. Start here, in the "net-weave" category.

They have free section as well as many patterns available for a few dollars.

Other Tricks and Tips

Tools of the Trade - What You Need
Scissors, and Pliers and Needles oh my!
A Seed Bead Primer
What's a Rochaille and Why Should You CARE Where it Comes From Anyway?

Is German all Greek to you?
Print out my list of words you need to know in German for beadwork research.

Texts about some of the works featured on this site, from various sources, all qouted. Some are better than others.

"Sacred Embellishment: A Look at Medieval German Bead Art"
By Jen Funk Segrest (THL Grizel) [BUY A COPY]

"Bezant" aka Goldplattchen or Schmuckbrakteaten Designs in Germany from the 12th to 15th Centuries

Five page handout of every "bezant" design I could find from all the pictures on this site. Everything in this PDF is available on this site, so this is only for those who really want a short portable version without opening a bunch of pictures. Big download for some. (986K)

My V&A Visit Notes

EXCLUSIVE pictures of this piece from my private appointment in Dec. 2002. Includes my photo annotations and notes written during and after return to my hotel. NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE. Incredibly close photos showing details never seen before.

Beadwork in the Middle Ages
(Lecture handout)

The bonus 14-Page "Pictorial Overiew of Bead embroidery in period" (in color, and several new pieces added in 2004) Everything in this PDF is on this site, so this is only for those who really want a short portable version. It's a big download for some at over 3MB.

Designs to get you started

Some Simple Designs to Get You Started
Pictures to print and use.
Award medallion designs for all SCA Kingdoms


Inlandregion of An Tir has great artwork for Kingdoms and principlalites of the SCA. I used to have a big list up, but it took up too much space.


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