Midrealm Awards
Midrealm Arms of King and Queen

I am currently building this section. Bear with me.

I intend on having medallions to buy directly off this page as well as order a custom made one.

BUT if you would like to order any peerage, award, or armourial medallions in the mean time, see the section to the side, and this page to help me design it and see samples my work. More samples in the gallery.

Click the pictures to see larger versions


Laurels and Pelicans are 3-4 inches round and run anywhere from $40 to $50 depending on the bead choice.

Pelican Medallion in satin 3-cuts with two hangers
Laurel (patch) in Opaque 3-cuts

At this time I do not do double peerages. The size needed tfor such a thing would resemble a teacup saucer, ;). But if you really want one I will be willing to try. There might be an added cost though - we can talk about it if you want one.

Middle Kingdom awards are 2-3 inches round (depending on design)and are $30.

Other Kingdoms are $40, as awards I am not familiar with take extra time to design and work.

Midrealm Willow in Transparent seed.
Midrealm Willow in
Opaque 3-cuts

First, you need to provide me three things:

  1. A CLEAR AND WELL DRAWN a black and white line drawing, and one that is colored in correctly. If this is a SCA Peerage, or a Midrealm Award, you can skip this one.

    NOTE: I can pretty much bead anything that can be drawn with a ball point pen, keep that in mind when you provide your design. I just can't do SOME details. I will let you know if something is undoable.
  2. Half the amount of the medallion paid up front in good faith sent via paypal (send money to or via US Mail.
  3. Provide me your bead choice. (please click on link to see the information and make a educated choice.)
Pelican Medallion in Transparent seed

Want something different? Your personal arms or order/award from a kingdom othe than the Midrealm?

Of course I am willing to try any foriegn kingdom awards, or personal arms, but due to not being familiar with them, I do charge an extra $10 fee for these do to extra time to draw and get approval on the design to be sure I drew it right, and extra work involved if figuring it out.

THL Elspeth Grizel of Dunfort
(Jen Funk Segrest)

3217 Keays Ave.
Middletown, OH 45044

PHONE: 513-424-9202
AIM: DsignFunk


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