These are just a few great places to get supplies that I recommend.

Shipwreck Beads (4-STARS)
I just recently started shopping here, I'm a online shopping maniac, so I thoght I'd try here. One thing I like was the volume discounting.

Like 1 hank for $2.95, Two (or Three) hanks for $5. Five hanks for $10, and even sometimes as high as 24 hanks for $25 or so bucks. That's like cheap!

It depends on the bead. If you order more than one hank of thingss like me, some hanks don't come in some quanities, but ALL offer three or so quantity discounts. This is a good place to start.

I think the Below place beats them one 11/0 plainCzech and just quantity of styles and colors, but Shipwreck beats them for 3-cuts hands down. But online shopping beats all. Check and Mate.

Bead Warehouse
Limted online, but call for the full catalog.
  • No minimum order, Check, Mastercard Visa, Discover, Purchase Orders . Orders shipped within 24 hours of reciept of order.
  • Any purchases up to $45 are only $6 shipping. $1 per $50 after that more or less.
These guys are great, they have a huge selection of pearls, seed beads, seeds beads, and seed beads, bugles, pressed and blown glass beads, trade beads. Everything. They have the single largest selection of seed beads and bead books I have seen anywhere. PERIOD.

Tell them you saw them on my site and they will send you a free catalog. They said they would anyway!

Bead Warehouse
4 Meadow Lake Drive
Mendon, VT 05701
fax: (24hours) 1-802-775-3081

Online Retail

Bead Shop Finder - Want to locate a shop near you? Or goign somewhere and want to shop?

FireMountain - more for gemstones, pearls, neclace beads, precious materials and findings than seed beads.


Garden of Beadin'

Caravan Beads


Bead World

Copper Coyote

Bead shows

The Bead Expo - lectures, classes, research, shopping!

Intergalatic bead Shows - traveling bead expos.

janes' Fiber and Beads - retail as well.


Grizel's Favorite Four - German Art Photos
Very bad to search in, but VERY packed full of medieval beadwork if you know how, and where, to look. Features over 1,400,000 photos of art and art treasures objects in and around Germany. Not for the faint of heart and knowledge of German helpful.

LEO - German/English Dictionary
Need help with that German word from the above site? LEO will not only define in English it you can hear it spoken. They also do French. I love this site so much I want to make out with it.
Over 7,500 links of interest to medievalists and a very nicely packed beadwork category. Research anything here. - used book search
Search for those rare foreign language books here. it's where I shop for mine. Searches a dozen systems in the US and Europe. Don't fear, shipping direct from Europe is cheaper than domestic!

SCA Beadwork & Embroidery

HL Roxelana Bramante is a very knowledgeable beadworker of the current middle ages.

She's from Northshield, so many may not know of her. I told her I wanted to give her a place to show off her work. I hope to get her research paper on beaded flowers inthe middle ages up there soon too, trust me folks, you'll want to see this thing.

But for now you can see her work and then make plans to go to her classes at Pennsic War. She's got a TON of evidence that this sort of floral beaded wirework is period too

Article on Beaded flowers
by Jonalee "St. Babycakes" Crabb (SCA: Roxelana Bramant


Rixende's Beadmaking

Medieval/Renaissance Embroidery Homepage

Wryn's Medieval Embroidery

Mistress Drea's Elizabethan Costuming & Corsetry

Cynthia du Pre Argent's Costume Articles

Medieval/Renaissance Embroidery Homepage

Bead Research

Bead-Database - extensive bead research database, mostly trade type beads. gallery, articles, the works.

Center for Bead Research - Serious study of all beads with the emphasis on people. "The World's Biggest Bead Bookstore."

The Bead Expo - lectures, classes, research, shopping!

Beadnet - so many links in so many areas I won't even bother to describe them, if you ware looking for it, try here. Retail, personal, history.... it's here Beadwork Area - links galore! More than I have space to list.


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